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I Belong Philly Family

I BELONG PHILLY I Belong is a volunteer-led collaborative, powered by and in service of the many immigrant communities represented in Philadelphia. I Belong efforts center on uncovering, honoring and uplifting immigrant stories and the invaluable contributions they have and continue to make towards a better and more welcoming city.

Be Welcoming. It works!

Our Mission

Our Vision

Belonging is more than a sense to create, it is a promise and commitment. We see a world where the current, future and historical contributions of immigrants are recognized and valued by society. Through our efforts we strive to create an environment of discovery and cultural exchange that celebrates our roots well beyond assimilation and into knowing that where we are, is home

Commitment to inclusion

I Belong Philly is committed to cultivating, preserving, and celebrating a culture of inclusion and connectedness. We are able to grow and learn better together when the collective sum of our individual uniqueness, life experience, knowledge, innovation, self-expression, and talent of our members are given a spotlight to shine. We welcome diversity and the nuance and opportunity it can bring. We welcome belief systems that do no harm to the planet or to people.

All Hands In

We would like to hear from you!

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