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Illustration: Boundless 

Immigrants helping immigrants

Immigrants helping immigrants: Pooling resources for America’s most marginalized during COVID-19. 

I BELONG gathered 12 nonprofits from across the Philadelphia region to discuss a coronavirus support plan for immigrants.



I Belong works to help recent immigrants feel seen and heard without judgment

Through cross-cultural events, and now an art contest focused on immigrant heritage, the group strives to eliminate barriers of language, lack of social capital, and isolation.


Our Mission

Edna Benavides, the host of GPL Magazine TV, presented on January 14, 2021, to members of the "I Belong Philly" in their weekly edition of the program "Who and What". The active members, Silvia Roldan, from Ecuador, and María Eugenia González, from Venezuela, spoke about the beginnings of this organization, its objectives, and their projects to help the immigrant community in Greater Philadelphia in 2021.

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