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One City Many Cultures - Learning community skills

The I Belong Philly organized an amazing event called One City Many Cultures 2022. More than 80 people attended the event on Saturday, 11/05/2022 from 10 am to 3 pm at the Welcoming Center. The event aimed to celebrate Immigrant cultures, discover, and learn from each other’s culture. Our culture is our identity “Wherever we come from, wherever we go, we always carry a piece of home with us” said Nahomie Laurore (Volunteer)

Special thanks to: The Welcoming Center, Khmer Performing Arts, and Culture, performed, Berrios' Family, Hafez Kotain, Zulma’s Food: Zulma is a Salvadorian immigrant who started her own family business, Hafez Kotain, Henry Morales , Hanni White, Karla Chin, Erick Barragan, Mao Fang, Nawel Boubekri, Liliana Ruiz, Lina Yusti, Jose David Hernandez, inkindbakingproject , team members, all participants and volunteers.

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