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One City Many Cultures 2019

June 22nd, 2019

Our signature event to celebrate Immigrant cultures, our goal was to have immigrants and non immigrants discover and learn another culture.

The joy and happiness that we saw in participants while dancing or the minutes spent on drawing a Chinese Fan or for writing an Arabic word was very rewarding. People enjoyed while learning their time and we could see it.

Our participants were from around 20 different countries. We also had a good number of non immigrants, which is what we were aiming for as we wanted to create a connection between immigrants and Americans.

Before you go ahead to see the details of each activities, please click the below video for the best moments of our event.

Dance Lesson

Music, dance and friends all merged in out dance lesson.

We have invited guest dancer to share the beauty of Chinese dance, Puerto Rico Drums and Salsa.

Chinese Fan DIY

We invited our guest to use brush Chinese writing brush to draw a Chinese fan.Traditional Chinese costumes are also provided for "culture cosplay". This is the true feeling of Chinese culture and guest can take their fan back to home!


Our guests were also invited to enjoy the Chinese and Arabic calligraphy. Writing their names and some special words in different languages must be a special memory for them. Characters are not only a sign of language but also a mirror of art.


participants were tested about the cultural knowledge by having other participants drawing something from their culture (e.g: map of their country) countries.

Conversation With Notes

This was not a typical language class, instead, our volunteer taught our guests some simple expression to have a nice conversation in Italian, Quechua and Portuguese.

Or, our guest can choose a given phrase or quotation and have someone write it for him in a bookmark that they can take home.

Cooking In Different Languages

Cuisine is another perfect way to explore our culture. Our chief Flex gave a cooking class about how to cook our own Ceviche and Guacamole.

We are honored to have immigrants and non-immigrants to meet together, learn from each other`s culture and promote a more inclusive city.

What`s more?

Want to know more information about this activities? Please email us at

Don`t forget to follow us at Facebook @I Belong - Philadelphia and Instgram @I Belong Philadelphia

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