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Workshop - Wellness and Resilience for these uncertain times

On September 17th, 2020, I BELONG organized a virtual workshop called "Wellness and Resilience During Uncertain Times" where participants participated in immigrant-serving organizations serving diverse communities in the Greater Philadelphia area and immigrants.

The participant organizations were DBHIDS @dbhids , Office of Immigrant Affairs @phillyoia , Department of Public Health Isolation and Quarantine Program @phlpublichealth, #finanta , African Family Health Organization @afahophilly and Community Legal Services @clsphila

The participants learned about helpful services such as human, legal, education, available to immigrants and refugees. They learned about wellness and resilience and had the opportunity to practice wonderful mindful techniques. Also, they shared their own challenges in this uncertain time and the different ways to successfully manage them.

It was another successful, helpful and interesting I Belong event from Immigrants to Immigrants.

What`s more?

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Co-editor: Maria Gonzalez; Qiwen Tan

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