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2021 and Beyond


Last year was difficult for all of us, also we shared new beginnings, projects, jobs, and babies.

We grow as a group, we challenge ourselves, and we learn a lot. We started the year with a Facebook account as our only online presence, and we finished with a website and an Instagram with almost 500 followers! We had about 300 people at our events, and we reached many more with our publications, partnerships, and online presence. 

For this year, we plan to repeat our successful projects, and we will add new flavors: we intend to go deeper into the communities to learn more about their needs by using our superpowers. We are going to have a podcast! And a book club!

We are also becoming curators on a project with the DVVA for 2022, and we can wait to show you all!

And we will bring more and more content to our immigrant community with informative events about what is happening in the US right now! 

We keep believing that raising immigrants' voices and facilitating immigrant integration can make a better and more welcoming city, and we will keep working on that. 

Thank you for being part of our family! and Keep in tune! 

"You as an immigrant have to change your mind, you are not less than others, you can get what you set out to do and much more"

 Leon Santos - On the table 2019 Event

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